A rhythm / twin stick shooter mashup, made for the 60th Weekly Game Jam!

Programming: Bomber / Jonathan K (https://bomberdude.itch.io/)

Art: Jack Pressnell / SomeFarang (https://somefarang.itch.io/)

Music & SFX: scowsh (https://scowsh.itch.io/)

Controls: WASD / Arrow keys to move, move mouse and click to shoot.

If you shoot on the beat, your combo goes up. Your score in Arcade mode gets determined by your max combo and the amount of beats you lasted for.

Note: If you start experiencing desync on the HTML build, try one of the downloadable builds - they're much more consistent latency-wise.

Install instructions

Unzip anywhere and run the main executable.


Beatrice's Mausoleum_vB3.zip 19 MB
Beatrice's Mausoleum_vB3.app.zip 23 MB
Beatrice's Mausoleum_vB3 (Linux).zip 22 MB


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Fire on beat for more damage. easy and simple design! Nice work.